Panorama narrative project: “The Surface of Water: Worlds of Anders Zorn”

We are currently working with author Michael Joyce on a narrative project using Argon-panoramas. The project is called “The Surface of Water: Worlds of Anders Zorn.”

Anders Zorn was a Swedish painter and sculptor in the late 1800s, known for his portraits and folkloric scenes. Our project traces a few moments and people in Zorn’s life. Through both specific and non-specific locative narratives, the stories bring forth Zorn’s color palette in a series of 360° panoramas which are experienced with the AR-browser Argon. The panoramas also include audio tracks and place-specific sounds.

In “The Surface of Water” we explore what it means to write and design for locative media and to take advantage of the specific experience that the panorama offers for expressive purposes. We are building on the history of panoramas as a visual story form and transforming what a panorama can be for contemporary mobile media.

During July 2012, during a research fellowship at the Sigtuna Foundation in Sweden (thanks to a grant from the Harald and Louise Ekmans Foundation), we researched Zorn’s life and began writing and producing images and videos and programming the Argon experience itself.

The images here were produced during that stay as we created the first sections.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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